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We've already got some lovely communities out there for Firefly or Serenity fanfiction of most flavors. Browncoats know that anything is improved by having a little Firefly-ness added in.

So, here's the deal. This community is a place to post or rec fanfic which includes the Firefly 'verse - but not alone. You've written a Firefly/Princess Bride fic? Post it here. You've re-written a Buffy episode with the Firefly cast? Post it here. You've written the crew of Serenity in another style - romance novel, film noir, western, fantasy? Post it here. You've written Firefly fanfic which brings in characters from other fandoms? Post it here. You've written a BSG fic which includes a Firefly character? Post it here. Catch my drift?

This is an all!yay community, so go ahead and post gen, het or slash, just make sure you put the appropriate warnings in your headers. Only members can post to the community, but anyone can comment, so please do.

Please, when posting original fic, use an lj-cut if your fic is longer than 500 words, and use the following headers:
Rating: (G - NC17)
Fandoms: (Firefly plus ...)
Warnings/Spoilers: (if needed)
Series: (if needed)
Author's Note: (optional)

When posting a fic rec, please tell us at a minimum the rating, the fandoms and any spoilers.

This is a fanfic community, so there will be stories posted that include characters and worlds that are held under copyright. No author here makes a claim to ownership of any copyrighted creations, and we are not making a profit from this writing.

Now get with the posting, people!

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